Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amanda's shower

This past Sunday I attended my good friend Amanda's lingerie shower, so thought I'd share a few of the pics from it. It was theme'd "Audrey Hepburn," and so therefore was a very classy atmosphere. The brunch involved a variety of foods including quiche, special k loaf, a fruit mix, cinnamon rolls, cucumber sandwiches, sparkling juices, tea, or coffee, and of course, the cake. I enjoyed it a lot and the other guests seemed to as well. The battery in my camera, of course, didn't last long enough for me to get photos of the gifts (not that I would post them anyway huh)....Anyway, here they are.

New at this

So, inspired by the blog of my dear friend Missy, I have decided to start one as well. I thought it might be nice to kind of keep a 'cyber journal' of my life (however exciting it may be). ha...so here it is.