Monday, May 18, 2009

The Little Things

I find it very interesting observing ordinary people at various places. For example, yesterday at a J&S Cafeteria, as we were in line waiting to pay, I subconsciously kept seeing this fast movement out of the corner of my eye. After a few moments of this, I consciously became aware of these speedy distractions and saw this young guy, probably a bus boy, zooming back and forth past everyone, clearing away the plates and silverware off of tables, running (not fast walking, running) them to the kitchen, and back to do the same thing over again. I watched him as he was in the zone – totally in focus of getting the job done. I thought to myself that this young man, probably not even 18, was dedicated to his work, co-workers, and job. Now it may be that he just has an extra load of energy ready to expend, but unfortunately, I don’t think his quickness will be awarded. He will not have more tips because of this, nor will it increase his hourly pay, but did this stop him? No. He was going to be prompt anyway, even if he did not gain anything in doing so. I thought this to be very neat.

It kind of reminded me of Pastor Hector Gonzalez’s sermon on Sabbath for the graduates at MPA. His main point was that it’s not the big things in life, but the little things that matter. This led me to ponder on the fact that not everyone can be in the spotlight, the star of the show. Not everyone is a good leader, or outgoing. The people behind the scenes are often the backbones of the whole performance. Many times in my life I’ve felt like I’ve faded into the crowd, or not been acknowledged for my efforts, but really, ultimately all that matters is my reward in the end for my good deeds. It doesn’t matter if I was given the Leadership scholarship, or if my name was on a plaque at school. Those accomplishments will not mean much when I get to the pearly gates. It’s the little things that matter - the little things like being speedy. Bless that poor bus boy. I do hope he will not go unnoticed in the end.

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