Sunday, February 21, 2010

Got it bad

Oh man! I've got it bad...fever, car fever, that is. It has been brewing for a while now - ever since I graduated really, but its worsened just recently. My guilty conscience just wants to say, "No Tandra, you've got too many school loans to pay off," but the devil on my other shoulder sure is making it hard on me. He's dangling that new car smell, smooth ride, stick shift, wind in your hair (well, if convertible) feeling right in front of my nose. Thoughts like, "I'm only young and single for a few years," or "your loans will still be there even if you don't indulge," pop into my head.

The reason that it's become increasingly difficult on me is that I'm getting a pretty good chunk of money back from taxes. I also know that my car is getting up pretty high on mileage and won't be worth a whole lot if I don't sell it soon. All that being said, I can sort of, just maybe justify wanting a newer one. Maybe?

My brother and I went out looking today with the intention of test driving a few I've been interested in. Unfortunately, the dealerships were closed (why they would close on a Sunday when most everyone is off is beyond me), but we did find one used car lot open, and another that left all their cars unlocked (guess they're not worried about theft?). I test drove a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

The convertible was perfect, especially on a day like this, but I was not in love with it.

Ever since high school, I have wanted a Ford Mustang. My urge to drive one was not fulfilled today, but I'm hoping to go tomorrow and test one out, if not for anything else other than to rule out liking them.

Of course, being the chick that I am, I would be sufficiently satisfied with the above. My brother, on the other hand, is drooling over things like extra horse power or having a V8 engine with extra torque etc. I think he's just living vicariously through me, since he can't afford any of the like yet.

But my other top 3 option, and probably the one I'd definitely get if I were to go brand new, is the 2010 Chevy Camaro.

Oh so sleek, and all I want to do when I see it is go Vrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmm...


  1. ha ha you silly chica! If flashy new cars are your indulgence, sleek new sofas are mine lol!

    These tax returns are fantastic! It is kind of nice to be young and poor.

    I certainly don't want to encourage you to be irresponsible in any way regarding the purchase of a new car, but at the same time, when do you think you'll get this chance again?

  2. I think I skipped the sports car phase and when straight to the soccer mom thing. Because, kids or not, I really really want an SUV. Like a Toyota 4-Runner.