Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amanda's Wedding

I was in my 3rd wedding as a bridesmaid this past weekend. Amanda and I have been friends since the 2nd grade, so going back to Charlotte brought back many nostalgic feelings and memories. It was a jam-packed weekend of events, starting with taking her out Thursday night for the "Bachelorette party," which all we did was have a limo take us to a nice restaurant, M5, and enjoy a girls' night.

Then Friday morning we had a very nice Bridal Luncheon at the Parkers' house that included the Jr. bridesmaids. The food at their house is always amazing, so it was no surprise to me to have spinach quiche, raspberry tarts, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruits etc. Directly after this amazing brunch, Janet, Amanda's now mother-in-law, treated all of us to mani/pedi's, which was very thoughtful of her!

The rehearsal that afternoon was slightly stressful for Amanda because of the disorganization and what not, but many ladies told her that so many rehearsals are like that where the attendants are only halfway paying attention etc. We knew that everything would be pulled together in the end somehow.

Then that evening we went out to a park on a lake and had a cookout, and the bridal party wore "Team Bride," and "Team Groom" t-shirts. After eating and conversing, we actually ran short of time to play many games since sundown was approaching, but it was still fun!

Sabbath morning we attended the church I grew up in and it was wonderful to see old familiar faces and talk to old friends and even teachers that basically taught me all I knew up to that point in my life. Memories came flooding back to me of when Mom taught Sabbath school or Adventurers in the downstairs classrooms, or the many potlucks we were in charge of. Seeing the rock wall outside that we used to climb also made me very sentimental. As I listened to the youth singing down the hall for song service, memories flooded of Darren Brisco leading us to "the Battle belongs to the Lord," or something of the like. It was a very neat experience going back and that church will always have a place in my heart.

Saturday night held a very neat experience involving a yacht cruise on Lake Norman for close family and friends of Amanda and Lyndon. They had catered Chinese food and it was just a peaceful time for fellowship, not to mention awesome scenery as we passed along the shoreline of immensely expensive houses. Though it was very hot until the sun set, the Bartletts were very kind for hosting this!

Sunday was wonderful. Amanda looked absolutely stunning in her dress, all dolled up and beaming. The actual ceremony itself was perfect, except for the fact that there was no air conditioning in the chapel (they will be requesting a full refund), so standing up front for 20 min sweating was not the most pleasant thing ever, but it was still a very beautiful wedding. The reception afterwards was held at Maggiano's Italian restaurant, and the food was delicious! I enjoyed watching the father/daughter dance, Lyndon's Air Force buds serenade Amanda to "You've got that lovin' feelin" (so funny), and of course the usual cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss (no I didn't catch it...:) ). I even squeezed out of Lyndon where they'd be heading for their honeymoon. It's a 10 day, all-inclusive Sandals resort with a personal butler in Antigua, by the way. :)

Seeing her roll away in her Rolls Royce (no pun intended) was bittersweet. I'm so incredibly happy that she's happy, but I'm also sad to think that there goes another one of my close single friends - all married now. :( I know that it's inevitable that change must occur, but sometimes I just want time to stand still, and for us to just go back to being giddy and silly girls sharing fun times and stories late into the night at a pj party. *sigh*

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  1. We can still have pj parties. Anytime. Just let me know:)

    Sounds like you had a great time. I want to see pictures!

    I'm off to OK tomorrow morning, very stupidly early. We can talk when I get back and find a time to hang out.