Monday, July 20, 2009

Blog neglector

Yes, yes, that is me! I know I have not blogged in a long time! Or at least over a month...Anyway, I cannot believe this summer has flown by like it has. In some ways I'm glad and looking foward to the cooler weather, and in others I'm not because winter is our "busy" season at work.

Speaking of which, this past weekend was absolute madness at work. Well, Sunday it finally evened out, but Friday and Saturday were from hell. There is nothing like the feeling that your load is heavier than what you can handle! The most important thing is that your patients don't receive the level of care they deserve, and its an awful feeling to not be able to do a darned thing about it. That being said, I do pray that this weekend will be a ton better! I feel refreshed after my 4 days off, so I know I can handle it, with God by my side.

I'm also excited because my baby bro is coming up this weekend for SmartStart, and my Mom is coming along to get him settled (well, really to see us girls...haha). So it'll be good to have him around this year. I was thinking just today that he really is lucky to have two older working sisters. Working being the key word. Although I probably have a slightly better financial situation than Alisha does only because she's still in school, we both will have a little more money to take him out in his free time. Knowing myself, I probably will be more than glad to buy him dinner just so I can spend time with him. But that's what big sisters are for, right?! My Dad says I spoil him and let him off the hook too much, but I just remember all too well that feeling of being broke.

Well, my bathroom is now painted and fresh, and thankfully the toilet is in working condition since my gracious uncle has rescued me and retrieved the bottle I so stupidly flushed down. What a nightmare. I never realized how much I take being able to use the restroom for granted. I found myself holding it longer, which really isn't good for a bladder. And we won't even go into the other. At any rate, it's fixed.

Another blessing this week is that when I took my car in to get the oil changed, I had them check my brakes out as well since they were squeaking. I had prepared myself for a $300-400 charge, but fortunately it only turned out to be $37 for the oil change and to clean the brake pads or something. They didn't need to be replaced. Yay!

Well, guess my bed is calling me since 5 am comes oh-so-early! Good night bloggers (aka Missy and!


  1. Well since you named names, this means I'm going to need to blog soon. Crap. Thanks a lot! :)

  2. this is a comment about your comment on my blog: yes, they are all really cool looking. Google him sometime. The picture I included was Fallingwater, which is probably his most famous house. Some of his other well-known works include Taliesin, Taliesin West, the Guggenheim Museum, the Robie House, and the Westcott House. The Ennis House in California looks pretty cool too. There's actually a little house here in Chattanooga, but it's privately owned. I'm sure the owners would allow me to look around, but it feels strange to ask. Anyway, check out some of his stuff. He's really cool!