Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bad drivers

I confirmed on my trips to and from Fletcher this week that I definitely am annoyed by bad drivers. More specifically, the impatient ones. One scenario happened to be when there was heavy traffic and of course we're all wanting to get to our destinations, but some are just more impatient than others. I was in the passing lane, patiently waiting as this 18-wheeler took his time passing an even slower car. There were long lines of traffic in both lanes. The stupid guy behind me - I presume to be a young college student, judging by the University of NC sticker on his SUV, decides he's gonna swerve over to the right lane, pass me and the guy in front of me, and dart back in front of my leader. To me, this was idiotic! What does gaining 2 car lengths do for you?! We're still all waiting behind the slow truck! Seriously. So, he proceeds to do the exact same thing again to the next few people in front. This goes on for a good 20 mile stretch, and I just had to laugh. It was either that or curse, but that would've gotten me nowhere. I wonder, if we had the same destination, this ignorant guy and me, how much time he really saved by dangerously darting in and out?!

Then there are the ones that think they own the road and don't even pay attention. They have the whole road wide open and yet they still ride in the passing lane. I mean, that's one of the first things I do when I'm clear of the person I'm passing - get over! That is definitely a pet peeve of mine. Also, if you're gonna pass, speed up while doing so, then you may slow back down once you're over. This one guy went like 1 mph faster than the slow lane and took like 30 min. to pass the long line.

I'd like to think that I'm a good driver - somewhere between conservative and moderate. And though I do like to speed a little, I cannot stand bad drivers. Just can't. Maybe the impatience slows down with age, but sometimes these young people annoy the heck out of me! (haha...I talk about college students now as

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  1. Kids these days.

    I don't get road rage or anything, but I do get pretty angry when drivers tail me and there are other cars in front of me and there's no way to go faster. It's like "Relax! Where do you really have to be? And why do you think is tailgating going to make a huge difference in the time you save?"

    Makes me mad just thinking about it. Glad you stayed safe on the road though. I'm headed that way this weekend for alumni!