Monday, April 20, 2009

Nurses vs. Bowling Pins

Last night I was talked into going bowling after working all weekend with my friends from work. It was the "Weekend Warriors" on our floor, Pediatrics, and the Respiratory nurses that are on the same hall through our locked double doors. We had a blast, although I must say this was the worst night bowling that I've ever had. My first game I only got a 49. 49!!!! "Gotta get it together Tandra," I'm thinking. Second game, I finally at least got a spare and ended up in the upper 60's. And since each game is only a quarter after paying the initial $5, we played a third game where the lights went low and black lighting came out. This time my first roll I got a strike! YESSSS!!! I'm thinkin' I'm gonna own this game now! But then every other set after that was only mediocre, so I only ended with a 73. How disappointing seeing as how I usually AT LEAST break 100 by the last game I play. Oh well. It had been a while since I'd played. Better luck next time. We're gonna try and make it a monthly thing to have a girls' night out.

A fun bunch of Nurses!!

Yes, that is a bowling ball. :)

On another note...believe it or not, Rhodora, my 63 year old co-worker and side-kick hadn't ever been bowling in the States. She's originally from the Phillippines and said they played a similar game there with coconuts and something about ditches. Ha ha...that cracked me up! She was so cute. Before we left the hospital to head over there, she said she'd have to go home first, and I asked her why. She said she'd have to change her shoes and I told her that they gave you shoes there. She gave me this shocked look and inquired if they cleaned them in between people, and I assured her that they did spray them. It was funny. I think she even bowled better her first game (beginner's luck of course) than I did all 3. A neat experience, indeed.

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  1. looks like so much fun!

    I understand though - I can't bowl to save my life, but I enjoy it.