Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Parentals visit

So, my parents came up this weekend. It was Mom's 35th (long time, I know) high school reunion at GCA. I was pleasantly surprised when Mom surprised me after her reunion festivities at work yesterday. I hadn't seen them yet. She hadn't seen my hospital or the floor I'm on before, so I gave her a tour and proudly showed her where I spend my weekends. Everyone said they had no doubt she was my mother - I guess I resemble her a lot. No surprise there.

Then after eating with Aunt Joni and Uncle Bud, my sis, parents, and I went back to our condo and Dad helped us do fix-it stuff. I had a list of things that only someone handy (namely my Dad) could do. We hung rods on the kitchen doors so I could finally put the curtains up that have been laying there for about 6 months. Then, the built-in microwave that came with the condo stopped working a while back, so Dad demounted it (not sure if that's a word - ha). There's this awful nasty wallpaper behind it. We're hoping to replace the old one soon with another built-in - something my Dad will of course have to come back down for. Maybe then my sister will stop having a cow over how bad that empty area looks. geez! We also did a few other things, like fixing my leaking toilet, and I'm so thankful for my Dad and his knowledge of handyman things. It truly amazes me how he can take just about anything and remedy/fix it up somehow. I definitely took those things for granted growing up. Now that I'm on my own, I realize it.

Their visit was short and sweet, but we ended it this morning with a good ol' fashioned breakfast at The Cracker Barrel. mmm..mmm...good. It was such a beautiful day! I enjoyed having the morning off, but then went in at 1 to split the shift with Rhodora, the other RN on weekends. We had 4 patients when I arrived, but then sent 3 and were down to the last one, so I sent Jenni (the 3rd nurse on weekends with us) home 2 hours early. Not a bad afternoon at all. Thankful for my job and the hours I DO get to work in this crazy economy! Overall, good work weekend, good visit with the parents...

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  1. Glad you had a good time with your parents!

    It's hard to believe someone left that wallpaper there. What does it look like? I'll have to come see it for myself.

    And yeah, we probably will need some help packing:)